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Business Park Security Services Company in Southern California

Housing a variety of businesses, occupants, and visitors, business parks security remain quesitonable throughout the day due to their complex scheduling. Since business spaces are occupied with lots of people and valuable equipment at the same time, they have their own security concerns such as thefts, vandalism, and accidents.

These security risks not only pose a threat to your valuable infrastructure and tenants, but can also lead to deterioration of the overall value of your business park. Furthermore investors might be spooked away by an unsecure business park environment. These are just some of the risks facing a business park’s management team without inadequate security guard service.

These risks can easily be mitigated by placing an efficient and sustainable guard service provider like Secure Guard Security Services company in place to protect your assets from these risk and provide effective security to business parks.

Business Park Security Services Southern California

  • About Secure Guard Security Services in Southern California

    Secure Guard Security Services delivers efficient and reliable security services for business parks in Southern California. Our business park security officers and guards are well trained to meet your business security needs with efficiency and professionalism. We provide 24 hour armed and unarmed security guard service to numerous businesses within Southern California. Our clients love our customizable security service ranging from standing guard service, concierge service, CCTV monitoring, foot & bike patrol, vehicle patrol service, and facility protection services. From our overnight guard service to 24 hour guard and patrol service, rest assured that your assets and interest are being guarded by individuals that value their work.

  • How Our Security Officers Provide Security to Your Business Parks?

    Secure Guard Security Services delivers value added security solutions to business parks throughout Southern California. For the most part the property managers that contract security for business parks require unarmed security officers to patrol the premises either by foot patrol, bike patrol, golf cart patrol, or vehicle patrol. Secure Guard Security Services provides these add on features to our guard service at a very competitive price. Some clients working with a smaller security budget chose nightly patrol service where our guards does a vehicle patrol of the property multiple times during the nights and weekend days. This security presence deters criminal activities significantly at a fraction of the cost of nightly on site security service. No matter what your need is and what type of security budget your organization has to work with, our team of security experts will work with your team to determine the most optimal and efficient security solution. Secure Guard Security services offers a team of experienced and well trained business park security officers ensuring you efficient security in the following ways:

    • Providing 24 Hours Protection
    • Reporting Incidents
    • Daily Activity Reporting
    • Available as Armed, Unarmed, Bodyguards, Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security Officers
    • Checking and Monitoring
    • Property Inspection
    • Vehicle and Foot Patrolling
    • Providing First Aid and CPR in Medical Emergency
    • Stationed at entrances, exits, and other critical points
    • Using CCTV, Metal Detectors and Security Technology- Secure Track
    • Providing Security Consultation

  • Why to Hire Our Business Park Security Guards?

    Our business park security guards are well trained and knowledgeable to cope with the security challenges they may face on a daily basis. They’re carefully screened and go through multiple background checks before hiring. They are also given extensive classroom and location specific training before showing up at your job site. Most of our security guards in Southern California are from the pools of former law enforcement officers and US military personnel. This is why we ensure that our security services create a secure environment at your business park for tenants and visitors.

  • What are the Benefits of Hiring Our Business Park Security Officers & Guards?

    • Deterring Crime and Violence
    • Incident Free Security Services
    • Identifying Potential Risks and Avoid Them
    • Preventing Unauthorized Access
    • Experienced and Well Trained Business Parks Security Guards
    • Providing Solution to Business Park’s Security Challenges
    • Following Local Laws
    • Maintaining Order at Your Business Parks
    • Working with Management for Safety and Security
    • 24/7 Security Assistance
    • Creating Tailor Made Security Solutions to Meet Your Needs
    • Customer Friendly Security Guards
    • Rapid Alarm Response
    So, if you are looking for professional business park security company, contact Secure Guard Security Services today and receive reliable and proactive security solutions for business parks in Southern California. Just call us at 1-888-908-7818 or write us at You can also contact us through contact form. We are one of the few companies in Southern California with the operational capacity of dispatching a guard to your business or home within an hour of your request, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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