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Nightclub Security Services in Southern California

Secure Guard Security Services is a security service provider specializing in reliable and affordable security solutions to all industries including airport security, casino security, events security, mall security, clubs security, apartment security, and educational institutions security. Founded in 2005, Secure Guard is one of the reputed security service companies across Southern California.

Our security officers are expertly trained using innovative technology to protect and safeguard what you value most, while simultaneously providing outstanding customer service and communication. You can trust Secure Guard Security Services to manage your all security requirement, regardless of your business size. We are committed to provide a sense of security to our clients with our professional, polite and trained security guards.


    Southern California is known as one of the worlds central hubs for nightlife with its range of exciting nightclubs and entertainment venues spreading throughout the region. On any given time, these nightclubs are crowded with club goers, intoxicated by alcoholic beverages.Crowds of intoxicated people can lead to potential dangers including assault, violence, shootings, stealing and accidents, thus risking your patrons, staff and infrastructure. The matter can turn worse if your clubs’ bouncers or staff is not well versed in crowd handling and conflict resolution. Therefore, Secure Guard Security Services recommends you hire efficient and experienced security services for your nightclub. Look no further than Secure Guard Security Services, a leading provider of club security services in Southern California. We provide well trained nightclub security guards to make your club a safe place your club-goers and staff.

  • How Our Night Club Security Makes a Difference?

    We understand that nightclub’s environment needs unique security solutions to keep the risks at a bay. We also realize that every patron is important for your business. This is why we have handpicked our security officers who are well trained in customer care, defense tactics, conflict resolution, and crowd management. Whether it’s a drunken guest causing a disturbance or the usual troublemakers, our nightclub security guards know just how to handle them. All our guards for club security in Southern California are physically strong, well trained and customer friendly. Here are the key points of our nightclub security guard services in Southern California:

    • Positional Rotation to Avoid Negative Interaction Between Guards and Patrons
    • Starting of Shift ½ Hour Prior to Event
    • Well Trained and Screened Security Guards
    • Reduce Legal Exposures, Litigations and Arrests
    • Using our latest technology on hand: for example, body cameras to record the events for litigation issues