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Mall Security Services in Southern California

Secure Guard Security Services came into existence in 2005 and has become the preferable security services provider in Southern California with its efficient security guards and advanced resources. We provide quality security guard services in Southern California to wide range of industries including hotel security, airport security, Educational Institutions security, Club security and many more. We cater to your security needs as per your expectations. We can say loudly and proudly that our professional security guards in Southern California live up to these responsibilities.

Read below how Secure Guard Security Services proves to be your reliable retail store and shopping mall security services provider in Southern California.

Mall security Services in Southern California

  • Secure Guard’ Shopping Mall Security

    Shopping malls come in various sizes, from small buildings to the huge malls, housing shops, eateries and movie theaters. Needless to say that they are crowded with large number of people who are a target in an overly packed area which are also soft spot for criminals. When theft isn’t involved, one always has to look at the possibilities of a fire breakout, stampede, riot and any other possible chaotic situations. This is why the security guards at shopping malls are not just there to provide only security. They have to perform wide range of different tasks like crowd management, observing and reporting, ensuring that elevators are working right and escorting the customers. Therefore, working with right security partner is important for ensuring the safety and convenience of the people, staff and tenants inside your mall.

  • Why Security Guards are Important for Malls?

    Security guards are important for your shopping malls to create a safe and secured environment ensuring a peace of mind to the customers, staff and tenants. From monitoring, checking to provide customer services, security guards prove important for mall’s security and management.

  • How Secure Guard Mall Security Services Can Help?

    Secure Guard Security Services offers advanced and proactive shopping mall security services in Southern California. We are committed to secure your retails space with our industry specific, state of the art retail security equipment and efficient security guards. At Secure Guard Security Services, we understand that shopping malls needs unique and public friendly security services. First of all, we analyze the various factors like size of your malls, daily visitors, zone sensitivity and other things to tailor a perfect security solution for your shopping malls and retail stores. We ensure that our security guard work best with your mall’s environment. This is why we make a big difference when it comes to shopping mall security services in Southern California.

  • What Shopping Mall Security Services We Offer?

    • Checking Customers Entry and Exit Points
    • Observing and Reporting
    • Handling Parking Lot
    • Consulting Safety Measures to Management
    • Crowd Management
    • Maintaining Order Inside Malls
    • 24/7 Security Services
    • Providing Directional Guiding to Public in Large Malls
    • Operating CCTV and other Security Gadgets
    • Front Office Duties
    • Ensuring that Equipment Inside Malls like Escalators and Fire Extinguishers are Working Properly
    • Deterring Crime and Violence
    • Checking and Monitoring the Activities Inside Mall
    • Responding Quickly During Crisis or Accident
    • Evacuating the Spot while Avoiding Chaos
    • Helping and Escorting Customers
    • Receiving Customers
    In this way, we create a secure and safe environment at your mall with our experienced and reliable security guards for shopping malls. Offering superior security is challenging, but we make that possible with our incredible and personalized security services for shopping malls in Southern California. So, wait no more and choose best security services for your shopping malls and retail store from Secure Guard Security Services. To hire our services, please contact us at 1-888-908-7818 or write us at Secure Guard Security Services dispatches security guards throughout Southern California within an hour of your request 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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