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Secure Guards’ Secure Track

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Secure Guards’ Secure Track is an integrated guard management system for monitoring, reporting and managing your security operations in Southern California. Guards can do patrol tours, report incidents, and activities in real time. Managers and clients can monitor, review, and respond instantly from their browsers or smartphone. Secure Track improves efficiency, accountability, and profitability.

Every Minute Counts

Secure Dispatch our computer assisted module simplifies dispatching by providing real-time tracking from ticket creation through officer deployment, arrival and resolution. With customizable reporting and workflow function Secure Dispatch can be adapted to meet the needs of any of our client’s organizations in Southern California.

Our Solution is Secure Track

Secure Track real-time Guard Tour System automates the provision of information so you can be absolutely sure the right action is taken. For example, you can update instructions for a particular checkpoint, such as “verify room temperature,” so that a guard will automatically receive them when scanning the checkpoint. Exception management allows you to define a range of temperatures for that room so that, when the guard notes a temperature outside the range, a notification is automatically sent to maintenance.

Secure Track Solution
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