Government Facility Security Services in Southern California
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Government Facility Security Services in Southern California

Secure Guard is one of the leading security service providers in Southern California and offers protection to the wide array of industries in its territories. With more than 10 years of experience, we have one of the better understandings of your security needs and regulation of your business.

We have the right security personals for your organization’s environment as they are well trained and screened according to their skills and strength.

Whether it’s a manufacturing facility, an apartment complex, a hotel security or an airport security, we have the right security solution for every industry. We are dedicated to create a safe and secure environment with our range of unmatched and quality security services.

Government Facility Security Services

  • Why Do You Need Only High Class Security for a Government Facility?

    Government facilities across the nation have been facing complex security threats including terrorism, natural disasters, and information theft. One must always remember events like the Oklahoma City bombing that claimed 168 lives. After that incident, the security concern has become the topmost priority for federal government and local government bodies across the country. This is why government bodies need to work with experience and capable security partners that will provide cutting edge security solutions with the best people and technology available.

  • What Make Secure Guard Your First Choice for A Government Facility’s Security?

    While securing your federal facility, always choose security services that are professional, customer friendly and suitable for the critical environment. At Secure Guard, we simply live up to these expectations! We provide incident free and quality government security services in Southern California. We have been providing efficient security solutions in Southern California to the most sensitive government offices and facilities, helping us build long term relationship with federal bodies. Our special security officers are skilled, experienced and well trained to provide reliable and active security services to keep employees, visitors and infrastructure safe and secure at any Government facility in Southern California.

  • Why Choose Our Government Security Guards?

    • Providing Security Services To Both State And National Government Agencies Throughout Southern California
    • Detecting And Assessing Potentially Dangerous Situations And Effectively Respond
    • Each Security Guard is Screened, Well Trained, Physically Fit and Undergoes Polygraph Tests If Requested by the Client.
    • 24/7 Protection
    • Using CCTV and Other Advanced Security Equipment
    • Personalized Security Solutions for Your Specific Security Needs
    • Security Consultations
    • Security Services for All Levels of Federal Buildings
    • Familiar with the Local Security Condition and Challenges
    • Reviewing Your Security Concerns
    • Tight Security at Critical Points like Entry and Exit
    • Customer Friendly
    • Affordable Security Solutions

  • What Type of Security Guards Do We Provide at a Government Facility?

    We provide A to Z security services to Government facilities of every size in Southern California. Our efficient and well trained security guards for your government facilities handle vehicle and patrol duties, surveillance, admin duties, customer services and alarm responsive services. Our lineup of security guard for government facilities includes:

    • Officers in Uniform
    • Officers in Plain Clothing
    • Armed and Unarmed Officers
    • Bodyguards and Field Supervisors

  • What are Our Other Security Services?

    Secure Guard is the full services security company meeting the needs of every industry, whether its hotel, airport, or manufacturing facility. Besides serving Government facilities, we provide security services to the following domains:

    We ensure that you get best security for your organization! Interested in Secure Guard Security Services for Government Facility? If yes, call us at 1-888-908-7818 or write us at for a free service quote.

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