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Sporting Event Security Services in Southern California

Whether it’s NFL, Super Bowl, MLB or small sports meet at school; security is the important integral part of it in order to maintain the safety of players, spectators, officials and infrastructure. With large number of emotional fans, huge crowd, event significance and alcohol availability, sporting events are always at a risk of violence, riot and terrorism activities.

Therefore, it’s important to create a robust safe and secure environment at your sporting facility to avoid such undesired outcomes. With the reliable and experienced security guards in place, you provide a great sense of security to everyone attending the event. Let Secure Guard Security Services take the responsibility of sporting event security off your shoulders. We offer wide range of sporting event security services including crowd control, ticket management, parking control, vehicle security, staff security and bodyguard services for executive protection.

Sporting Event Security Services Southern California

  • Why Secure Guard is Your Reliable Security Partner for Sporting Events?

    Secure Guard Security Services is the topnotch security services company which has worked with large sporting events organizers in Southern California. From high profile baseball matches, soccer games to fun run attracting thousands of participants, we’ve proved our mettle in sports event security services in Southern California. We have resources, experience and strategies to ensure that your sporting event will go right without any disturbance or accident.

  • What Services We Provide for a Sporting Event?

    We offer a wide range of security services for sporting events in California which are given below:

    • Crowd Management
    • Checking at Entry and Exit Points
    • Access Control
    • Ticket Management
    • Infrastructure Protection
    • Monitoring Entire Facility Including Critical Points
    • Patrol Services
    • Protecting Participants, High Profile People, Staff and Resources
    • Handling Parking Security
    • Preventing Crowd from Entering Playing Area
    • Alarm Responding
    • Using Digital Security Equipment
    • Active Shooter Prevention
    • Reviewing the Security Plans
    • Monthly Background Checks
    • Real Time Reporting Application

  • Why Choose Our Sports Event Security Services?

    We are dedicated to provide comprehensive and proactive sports event security solutions in Southern California. At Secure Guard Security Services, we deploy latest security techniques to make sure that your sporting event is secured, well prepared and safe against any accident or unfortunate outcome. This is why we have been the leading sporting event security company Southern California. Here are the key reasons to choose Secure Guard Security Services:

    • Experienced and Well Trained Security Guards and Officers
    • 24/7 Security
    • Experience of Handling High Profile and International Matches
    • Personalized Security Services
    • Using State of Art Security Equipment and Devices
    • Incident Free Services
    • Long Experience in Security Ser