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Educational Institution- School & University Security Services in Southern California

Educational institutions must be a safe haven for students, teachers, and their administrative staff members, yet we see these locations are prone to security threats like crime, violence, bullying, shootouts, and accidents and kidnapping. Apart from these, there are several reasons which can convince you to hire security guards for your school. Many of these incidents have made recent headlines across the U.S, especially gun violence at schools. Often times the staff members of the school are not armed or equipped to handle these types of situations and first responders can take a long time to respond in emergencies such as these. A proper School Security Plan with an armed security personnel on site is always needed at Educational Institutes to often times compliment the local police presence.

Secure Guard Security Services provides comprehensive and proactive security services to the educational institutions throughout Southern California. Our Educational Institute Security Services are often complimentary to the local law enforcement of each school district that we work with. Our security services go well with the learning environment without disrupting or compromising an open campus and community atmosphere.

We provide 24/7 protection to universities, colleges, and schools throughout Southern California.

Educational Institution - School & University Security Services

  • Where We Offer Our Educational Institutions Security Services?

    Secure Guard Security Services offers its cutting edge security solutions for the various educational institutions throughout Southern California:

    • Pre-Schools
    • Elementary Schools
    • Junior High Schools
    • High School
    • Colleges
    • Private Universities
    • Public Universities
    • Liberal Art Colleges
    • Co-Educational Colleges

  • What Educational Institutions Security Solutions We Provide?

    Our security guards offer total security solutions to create a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and faculty.

    • 24 Hours monitoring through both CCTV cameras and manually
    • CCTVs, Metal Detectors and Other Safety Equipment
    • Access Control Services
    • Foot and Vehicle Patrol
    • Inspecting the Building
    • Daily Activity Reporting
    • Evacuation During Fire Breakouts, Disaster and Other Accidents
    • Escorting the Visitors and Students
    • Accessing/Changing Site Security Plan Frequently

  • Why Our Educational Institutions’ Security Services are Different?