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Secure Guard Secuirty Officers

Secure Guard offers a range of security services and private security guards and officers in Southern California to uniquely fit our client’s needs.

Armed & Unarmed Officers


Secure Guard provides Southern California armed & unarmed security officers who have completed the state regulated training along with additional mandatory training courses required by our organization. All of our Southern California armed & unarmed security guards understand that their primary objective is to deter crime and be as vigilant as possible in order to protect our clients’ interests. Our armed guards are some of our most senior team members and bring over a decade of experience in the security industry. Secure Guard’s armed guard can be great asset to your firm in providing a cost effective and vigilant crime deterrent.


Secure Guard’s executive protection division provides Southern California bodyguard protection services through our most highly trained and tenured staff members. Our Executive Protection guards include off duty police officers, former US military personnel, and highly seasoned individuals. All of our executive protection officers must have at the very minimum of 7 years of experience in the industry.
Some of the services included in our Executive Protection Service include:
Executive Protection / Body Guarding
Off Duty Police officers / Ex-Military / Armed & Unarmed
Vulnerability & threat assessments (Done in advance)
Travel, Stationary, and static plans
Route Establishment
Contingency Planning
Security Consulting
Protective Escort Service
Visible deterrence against threats


Secure Guard provides Southern California plain clothes security officers to a wide range of clients. In some cases, security needs are best handled in an undercover fashion. Depending on the situation, a security office in plain clothes may be more effective solution than a uniformed security officer. Often these situation are in Executive Protection, celebrity or high profile protection, or dignitary escort scenarios.

Secure Guard also serves clients in plain clothes through loss prevention officers, internal investigation officers, threat mitigation officers etc. Furthermore plain clothes officers can be extremely effective in working in conjunction with uniformed officers in such events as crowd control, undercover operations, and retail security. Contact us to leverage our extensive portfolio and expertise in establishing the most effective solution for your firm’s needs


Secure Guard offers Southern California traffic control officers to numerous clients in high traffic areas such as religious facilities, major event locations, and dense traffic areas. Our firm provides a wide range of traffic control flagging services for the safe passage of vehicles and people at work sites, shopping centers, and other densely traffic areas.

The majority of our traffic control officers work in very busy shopping centers and corporate areas that incur major traffic congestion. Our management team will work with your firm in determining the most optimized solution that is catered around the safety and comfort of your clients and staff. Our management team will develop a traffic control plan and can provide a traffic survey of your location to determine the most optimized plan. We i