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High Rise Security Services in Southern California

High Risers, whether commercial or residential, are prone to several security concerns like crime, vandalism, and disturbances. Dealing with these issues are challenging due to the uniqueness in building’s height and the number of occupants. Plus, the limited entrances and exits make it challenging to evacuate the tenants during any sort of evacuation. But hiring few security guards and CCTV installation can’t be the right approach to the high rise security.

Therefore, you must count on a reliable security partner specializing in high rise security services. If you’re looking for the same, look no further than Secure Guard Security Services!

High Rise Security Services in Southern California

  • Why Choose Secure Guard Security Services for High Rise Security Services?

    Secure Guard has been providing reliable and proactive high rise security services in Southern California for over 10 years. We know how to manage and maintain the internal and external security of commercial and residential multi-story buildings, thanks to our decade long experience and trained security guards. Our high rise security programs include access control, proper use of security personnel, emergency readiness, customer service, fire life safety systems, and building evacuations.

  • Here is a glimpse How We Cover Your Building Security Needs:

    First of all, we review your buildings dimensions, possible threats and the crime prevailing in the area around. Thereafter, we choose the security guards which are suited for the jobs and know how much your multi-story building require. Besides providing security solutions, Secure Guard Security Services intends to promote a warm, friendly and helpful atmosphere. We ensure that our security personnel are customer friendly and courteous as they are the first point of contact for visitors and tenant alike.

  • Secure Guard’s High Rise Security Services Include:

    • Monitoring and Checking at Access Points
    • CCTV Surveillance
    • Fire Safety
    • Entering Visitors Details at Entry and Exit Points
    • Appointing Guards at Critical Points
    • Escorting Visitors
    • Vehicle and Foot Patrols
    • Building Inspection
    • Evacuation
    • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

  • What is Our Approach Towards High Rise Security?

    Secure Guard is committed to providing professional and customized high rise security services in Southern California to create a secure environment. We make sure that our security plans meet your budget and requirement. We will stay in touch with you and remain answerable for our services from the very first day of hiring. Your building and tenant safety is our prime motto and always will be.

  • Our High Rise Security Guards are Committed to Provide:

    • 24/7 On site Presence
    • Well Trained Security Guards
    • Customer Friendly
    • Efficient Access Control
    • Using Video Surveillance
    • Deterring Crime and Violence
    • Quick Alarm Respond
    • Asset protection
    • Tenancy investigations
    • Risk Management
    • Monitoring Every Activity

  • Security Services other than High Rise Security?

    Being the complete security services company, Secure Guard Security Services offers wide range of security services to many industries given below:

    • Airport Security Services
    • Casino Security Services
    • Energy Facility Security Services
    • Government Security Services
    • Hotel Security Services
    • Shopping Center Security Services
    • Apartment Security Services
    The above are few of the industries to which we provide security services, check out more industries here.

  • How to Hire Secure Guards High Rise Security Services?

    Tell us your high risers security requirements so that we tailor the services and choose the right personal accordingly for you and your building. You are just a call away from hiring one of our well trained and professional security guards for high rise in Southern California. Contact us at 1-888-908-7818 or write us at info@secureguardservices.com for a free service quote.

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