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Home Owner Association Security Services in Southern California

Being a resident of HOA, you have unique security concerns than other residential communities. Living near other homeowners with a high volume of visitor’s traffic in your neighborhood means your community has an increased risk of intrusion and burglary. Daytime burglary incidents are more prevalent than they were 6-7 years ago in residential communities.

So, you must choose a specialized security services provider and keep your community safe and secure. The HOA security services not only deals with the threats and crimes, but also maintains your association orders including parking enforcement and access control. At Secure Guard Security Services, you can count on responsive security services for your Home Owner Associations throughout Southern California.

Secure Guard Security Services has established itself as the reputed and reliable private security company in Southern California. Founded in 2005, we provide our security services to various industries like airport, vehicle dealer, healthcare facility, shopping mall center, manufacturing facility, casino security and many more.

We are Southern California based and Southern California Focused!

Home owner Associaltion Security Services

  • About Secure Guard Security Services Home Owner Association Security Services

    Secure Guard Security Services has been providing security services to Home Owner Association in Southern California for over 10 years. We are familiar with the security risks occurring at these residential areas and plan our security services accordingly. At Secure Guard Security Services, we offer a wide range of efficient HOA security services throughout Southern California. From patrolling, CCTV monitoring, access control to parking enforcement, Secure Guard provides technologically backed security solutions integrated with our well trained security guards. In this way, we help you protect your residents, assets, infrastructure and premises, mitigating your security threats.

  • What Home Owner Association Security Services We Offer?

    • 24/7 Vehicle and Foot Patrolling
    • Gate Guard
    • Access Control and Checking
    • CCTV Surveillance
    • Parking Enforcement
    • Traffic Enforcement
    • Daily Reporting
    • Deterring Crimes and Violence
    • Enforcing Your Residential Society’s Rule and Regulation
    • Escorting the Visitors
    • Registering Visitors’ Check Ins and Check Outs
    • Preventing Trespassing and Loitering
    • 24/7 Emergency Alarm Response

  • Why Choose Secure Guard’s Home Owners Security Services?

    • Well Trained and Polite Security Guards
    • Customized Security Services for Each Apartment
    • Security Solutions for All Types of Residential Properties
    • Providing High Level of Customer Service
    • Our Security Officers Love to Work with People
    • Incident Free Security Guard Services
    • Competitive Prices
    • Integrated Security Guard Management And Oversight Solution

  • Our Approach towards Homeowners Security Services in Southern California

    At Secure Guard, we provide the right people and the right security planning to the wide range of residential communities in Southern California. We strive to provide incident free security services with our knowledgeable and well trained security guards. We believe in building long term relationship with our clients through our proactive security solutions.

  • What are Our Services Other than Home Owner Association Security?

    Being the total security services company in Southern California, Secure Guard provides wide range of security services given below:

    • Airport Security Services
    • Casino Security Services
    • Energy Facility Security Services
    • Government Security Services
    • Hotel Security Services
    • Shopping Center Security Services
    • Apartment Security Services
    • Club Security Services
    • Sporting Security Services
    • Healthcare Facility Security Services
    • Mall Security Services
    • Storage Facility Security Services
    • Vehicle Dealer Security Services
    • Construction Site Security Services
    • Event Security Services
    • Manufacturing Facility Security Services
    • Business Park Security Services
    • Logistic Facility Security Services
    • High Rise Security Services

  • How to Hire Our Security Guards for Home Owner Association Security?

    If you are interested in our home owner association security services, you can contact us for a free service quote. We will dispatch our professional security guards at your place within 24 hours anywhere in Southern California.

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