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Construction Site Security Services in Southern California

With the every growing Southern California environment and economy there are thousands of construction projects throughout Southern California.  Every one of these constructions contain costly materials, equipment, and other assets on site which raise the demand of security of construction sites. Construction sites are vulnerable to crimes like theft and arson, especially during nights when nobody is around. The equipment, material, and machinery used on construction sites valuable and no developer can afford losing them in the middle of construction. Apart from crimes, several accidents occur at construction site that cause serious injuries and casualties, forcing firms to pay hefty compensations if need be. These are just some of the construction security risks that face general contractors for each site they work on. By choosing a reliable construction site security companies, you can minimize and mitigate the potential risk to your site.

Construction Security Services Southern Califonia

  • About Secure Guard’s Construction Site Security Services

    Secure Guard is known for its cutting edge and proactive construction site security services in Southern California. Secure Guard Security services has simplified the safeguarding of your interest. We bring the latest technology- Secure Track, to your fingertips if you are on site or thousands of miles away. We have worked with numerous construction firms on large scale and small scale projects. Our approach to Construction site security service is to first become a deterrent through maximum exposure. On larger scale projects we have set up security cameras and established a command center with regular vehicle patrol of the property. On smaller scale projects we have secured the perimeter and have stationed guards on site. We understand that our client’s assets need to be safeguarded as efficiently and effectively as possible. We invite you to request a free comprehensive security assessment of your site, we have many options to fit our client’s needs. From our guard tour system, to our patrol vehicles, and our security camera systems we will develop a security plan that will protect your assets and provide you with the peace of mind you were looking for.

  • Why Choose Secure Guard for Your Construction Site Security?

    Secure Guard Security Services ensure protection from theft and vandalism of expensive construction machines, tools, and materials costing the builders thousands of dollars each year. Furthermore, we offer value based security solutions that are customizable according to the size and risk exposure of the construction size. Real estate developers and general contractors from across Southern California view us as a great choice for a dependable construction site security company. Here are the key reasons that have allowed Secure Guard to gain a reputable name as a top-notch construction site security company in Southern California:

    • Protecting against vandalism and arson
    • Providing A to Z Security Solutions
    • Monitor Visitors, Labor and Staff at Construction Site
    • Preventing Trespassers From Entering The Building Site And Climbing On The Equipment, Putting Themselves In Danger
    • 24/7 Security
    • Well Trained Security Officers and Security Guards
    • Customized Security Plans for Every Construction Site
    • Using CCTV and other Security Equipment
    • Incident Free Security Services
    • Daily Activity Reporting
    • Working with Building Owners and Management
    • Deterring Crime and Violence
    • Quick Alarm Response
    • Affordable Security Services
    • Digital Guard Tour System


    Secure Guard Security Services offers customized, efficient, and sustainable security solutions for construction sites in Southern California to deal with both internal and external risks. Check out our services below, and see how Secure Guard Security Services can become your one stop shop for Construction Site Security Services.

    • Controlling the Gate and Site Access
    • Overnight Security Patrol
    • Guarding the Critical Points
    • Escorting Visitors/Clients
    • Providing Vehicle and Foot Patrols
    • Deterring Dispute and Violence
    • CCTV Surveillance
    • Material and Equipment Watch Log
    • Daily Activity Reporting
    • Inspecting Exterior Fencing
    • Fire Watch and Safety Activity

  • Types of Security Guards We Offer for Your Construction Site

    All of our guards and security officers show up in uniform and protective gear to construction sites that we secure. The protective gear consist of eye protection gear, high visibility vests, hard hats, and steel toe boots. We provide well trained and dependable construction site security guards in Southern California. They go through several training sessions, security services standards, multiple background checks, and drug screening before being scheduled for site. Secure Guard Security Services uses quality control measures to make sure that our security officers stay alert and watchful. To cater the needs of construction site owners and builders, our security guard services has been categorized into:

    • Unarmed Security Officers
    • Plain Cloth Officers
    • Patrol Services
    • Armed Security Officers
    • Traffic Control
    Interested in our construction site security services? Give us a call at 1-888-908-7818 or write us at for a free quote. We are more than happy to serve you with our tailor made security services!

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