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Event Security Services in Southern California

Every year, thousands of events take place in Southern California. They may be as large as the Orange County Fair or small and intimate such as a private block party in your neighborhood. Whatever the size of your event, event security should be at the top of your priority list to keep visitors and guests safe. Ironically, some organizers cut the corners when it comes to setting up their event security service. Limiting your event security budget may make your event more prone to chaos, violence, and criminal activities.

Event Security Southern California

  • Why Choose Secure Guard’s Event Security Services in Southern California?

    Secure Guard Security Services is a reliable and efficient security company in Sothern California providing event security services in the region for over 10 years. Whether it’s your business meeting requiring plain clothes officers, trade show, wedding, or large county fair, we are always ready to meet unique security needs of your event. Unlike other Guard Service Providers, Secure Guard Security Services establish a comprehensive Event Security Plan for your event prior to the start of your event. This allows our team of Security experts to pin-point any potential risks or threats far in advance. With this type of advanced preparation our clients can rest assured that every step has been taken to make sure their event runs as smooth and safely as possible.

  • What Event Security Services We Provide in Southern California?

    • Guest List Management & Oversight
    • Guest Check in & Concierge service.
    • Parking Lot Security to Monitor Guest’s Vehicles
    • Escorting Visitors
    • Using CCTV and Other Security Equipment
    • Crowd Management
    • Traffic Control Outside Venue
    • Front Desk Staffing and Ushers
    • Providing Consulting Services for Event Security
    • Deterring Violence and Crimes in Event
    • Activity and incident reports
    • Foot, bike and vehicle patrols
    • Mobile and Standing Security Guards.

  • We Offer Event Security Guards for……….

    • Wedding
    • Business Conferences
    • Trade Shows and Exhibitions
    • Fundraising and Charity Events
    • Concerts and Shows
    • Fairs
    • Government Functions
    • Sporting Events
    • Parties
    • Fashion Shows
    • School Events

  • What is Our Approach on Event Security Services in Southern California?

    From our 11 year of experience Secure Guard Security Services understands that every event is unique in its own way. Unique events usually have their own unique set of security requirements. This is why we pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive and sustainable security solutions that are highly customizable to meet our clients Event Security Service’s needs. Each year Secure Guard Security Services provide event security officers to numerous events throughout Southern California. From small sized events that require two to three guards to larger events that may require over 50 security officers, Secure Guard Security Services has the organizational capability to handle your request. Our approach to event security emphasis on effective planning, risk mitigation, and incident deterrence. We aim to take the necessary steps ahead of time to make sure all aspects of your event run as smooth as possible. Our clients love that we are very flexible when it comes to customization of our security solution. Secure Guard Security Service’s expertly trained event security guards are committed to developing a secure environment for your event. Our guards are trained to understand when to stay out of sight and when to let their presence be known. We building long term relationships with event organizers, promoters and stakeholders to make sure we can deliver even more the following year; this allows us to work hand in hand with the event management team to execute a suitable security plan. Secure Guard Event Security Services has the capabilities for providing numerous add on features to make sure your event goes uninterrupted. From Armed guards, vehicle patrols, body scanners, mobile video surveillance units, plain clothes officers, to wearable video recording devices our company has all the features you are looking for. We invite you to schedule a free security consultation for your event with one of our security consultants today.

  • How Our Security Services Make Difference?

    Secure Guard Security Services provides comprehensive event security services in Southern California to trade shows, fairs, wedding, meetings, and conferences and other events. Our guards not only provide excellent security solutions for different industry but rather they are trained to assist our customer’s clients with any other issues that may arise. Here is just a few points on why Secure Guard Security Services Event Security Services is different than our competitors:

    • Providing Security Guard Service to any size event
    • Over 11 Years of Event Guard Service Experience
    • Providing our clients with Event Security Plan to adequately prepare our clients and our guards for any risks or threats that may come about.
    • Each Security Guard is Screened, Well Trained, Physically Fit and Undergoes Polygraph Tests If Requested by the Client.
    • 24/7 Protection
    • Using CCTV and other Advanced Security Equipment
    • Personalized Security Solutions for Unique Security Needs of Event
    • Open line of communication with our management team.
    • Analyzing Your Security Concerns
    • Consistent Supervision
    • Customizable Security Solutions
    • Uniformed or Plain Clothes Officers
    To receive security services for your upcoming event contact us at 1-888-908-7818 or write us at info@secureguardservices.com for a free security service consultation.

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