Transportation/Logistic Security Service in Southern California
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Transportation/Logistic Facility Security

Whether in a warehouse, on a vehicle, or at a port, your shipments are prone to theft and accidents. According to FBI, nearly $30 billion worth of shipments are lost each year, while cargo theft has reached a record level. Besides, criminals can use your containers to smuggle illegal and illicit materials. Therefore, security is as essential as the cargo management system for your supply chain facility. A specialized transportation and logistics security partner reduces the loss and theft risks occurring at your facility.

At Secure Guard Security Services, we offer comprehensive and professional logistics security services in Southern California to deal with security breaches, theft, vandalism, shipping loss and damage. Besides, we provide frequent security audits to assess and identify the potential security threats in your shipping facility.

Secure Guard Security Services is counted among one of the leading security guard service providers in Southern California. Founded in 2005, we provide our proactive security services to all industries including healthcare, airport, casino, business park security , manufacturing facilities, banks and financial institutions, sports arena and many more. We have the team of well trained and skilled security personals taking care of your every security need. All of our security guards have been screened and trained prior appointing at a site.

We believe in long term relationship with our clients by providing them efficient security services. Don’t take a chance! Choose Secure Guard Security Services to protect your staff, resources, commodities and materials with proactive security solutions.

Transportation/Logistic Facility Security Services

  • Why Choose our Security Guards for Logistic Facility Security?

    We ensure that our security guards protect your resources and infrastructure from assault, theft, crimes, fires and accidents. Our wide range of supply chain security solutions include everything to create a safe environment at your facility, from remote video monitoring, patrolling, access control, to inspection, thanks to our decade long experience in logistics security solutions and well trained security guards. Secure Guard Security Service transportation and logistics security services are available for all warehouses and freight centers, no matter if you have large or small business.

  • How We Maintain the Security of Your Transportation/Logistic Facility?

    Being the reliable security provider for transportation and logistics facility in Southern California, we are committed to provide you high level security services catering your specific security needs with:

    • 24/7 Security Services
    • Knowledgeable and Well Trained Security Guards
    • Daily Reporting
    • Deterring Crime and Violence
    • Technologically Backed Security Solutions
    • Managing Security Officers Round the Clock
    • Highly Customized Security Plans
    • Detecting And Assessing Potentially Risks And Effectively Respond
    • Using CCTV and other Advanced Security Equipment
    • Personalized Security Solutions for Unique Security Needs of Event
    • Working with Management
    • Assessing Your Security Concerns
    • Customer Friendly
    • Affordable Security Solutions
    • Providing Uniformed and Plain Clothes Officers

  • Where We Provide Our Transportation and Logistics Facility Security Services?

    • Cargo Vehicles Companies for Intermodal Logistics Operations
    • Freight and Shipping Companies
    • Air Freight
    • Marine Freight
    • Warehouses and Distribution Points
    • Freight Forwarders
    • International Shipments Centers

  • What Transportation/Logistic Facility Security Services We Offer?

    To keep security threats out of your transportation and logistics facility, we provide high class security solutions including:

    • Monitoring Entry and Exit Points
    • Observing and Reporting
    • Handling Parking Lot
    • CCTV Monitoring
    • Inspecting the Cargo Vehicles and Consignment
    • Vehicle and Foot Patrolling
    • Access Control
    • Commercial Building Security
    • Security Consultation
    Interested in our transportation and logistics security solution? Just dial 1-888-908-7818 to contact our representative or write to us for a free service quote. We dispatch security guards at your warehouses and supply chain facility within 24 hours across Southern California.

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